My Nerdy Buddy LLC Computer Repair

 Your Friend in the Complex World of Technology 


Founded by Dwain R. Golston in the Summer of 2016. Our focus is for everyday citizens to have access to technological assistance.  Need information technology training, HIPPA, SOX, PCI Compliance, laptop repair or purchase assistance and even desktop computer repair. No job is too large or small for us to assist you with. 

Think of our company as the handyman for I.T. Based In Birmingham AL  205-218-2102

Remote Assistance

If you have an internet connection and a telephone, we can assist you. 

More Explained


Technical Experience


Let us help you with your tech-emergency.

- Computer Training - Repair -

Assistance From The Comfort of Your Chair - Business/Enterprise Consulting - Computer Repair - General Questions and I.T. Questions Answered For You


Example of a Technical Issue

You've just loaned your vehicle to your relative, and you do not know how to re-connect your cellphone to your car's Bluetooth or you need your car's garage door receiver re-programmed - We can assist with automotive technical issues as well. 


Word of Mouth is The Best Praise

No form of recognition can be greater than word of mouth. Just like that mechanic or handyman that people once knew of for doing good work, our business is built upon the words of satisfied customers. You aren't just another dollar sign, but a client we wish to build a relationship with.